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Dear Reader:

During the month of September, The Amherst Indy will conduct a subscription drive with the aim of enlisting at least 2,000 regular subscribers by the end of the year. 

As a reader of The Indy, you already know that The Indy is free, and free of advertising. Subscribing is easy— just click on the SUBSCRIBE tab on the top menu bar. It takes about thirty seconds and will bring a weekly digest of Amherst news to your inbox every Saturday morning. We promise to not share your contact information with others and to not fill your inbox with a lot of messages.  An added benefit to subscribing is that only subscribers may publish comments about articles. If you are currently reading The Indy but are not yet a subscriber, please sign up and join the conversation!

Here’s how you can help us:

  1. If you are a reader but not a subscriber, please subscribe.
  2. If you are a subscriber already,  please comment on the articles that you read and join/start  conversations about matters important to you and to your friends and neighbors. . 
  3. We’re asking every reader of The Indy to recruit two new subscribers. Please tell your friends and neighbors about The Indy and ask them to sign up at www.amherstindy.org.
  4. Please share links from The Indy articles on social media and share our Facebook ad if you encounter it.
  5. Become a writer yourself! We’re looking for reporters, occasional contributors, and letters to the editor. Send your ideas, contributions, or questions to amherstindy@gmail.com

The Indy was founded to keep the public informed about and engaged with local government in Amherst.  It does this by 1) offering more extensive and intensive coverage of town boards, committees and working groups than other local media can provide, and (2) encouraging and providing a venue for civil discussion and debate on civic matters.  These aims require a critical mass of readership. The Indy is an all-volunteer project. Its writers are your friends and neighbors who are committed to open and participatory government in Amherst.

Please join us and help  make The Indy work for Amherst.

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