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A public discussion on the financial condition of the town will be held on Thursday, November 7th at 6 p.m, in the Town Room of Town Hall.  It will be followed, at 7 PM by a public forum on the town budget. The discussion at 6 PM, referred to as the Financial Indicators Meeting, is the first step in building the FY21 budget for the Town and the schools. (In previous years, this has been called the “Four Boards” meeting.) Members of the Town Council, Library Board of Trustees, and elementary and regional School Committees will be in attendance. The public is welcome to attend to listen to the presentation by the Town Manager and finance staff.

The public forum that follows will afford the public and opportunity to comment on the budget, on town spending priorities, and on reports made in the Financial Indicators meeting.  These public forums are mandated by Section 5.3 of the Amherst Charter.

Town government encourages the public to attend these back-to-back sessions as an opportunity to learn and engage with Town officials on these key issues.

Past and current budget information can be found here

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