Photo: Amherst Arts Night Plus

Source: Amherst Arts Night Plus

Amherst Arts Night Plus, the Town’s monthly art walk, will continue its virtual programming for the June 4 art walk, from 5-8 PM. The event will be aired live on Amherst Media, Ch. 15. It can also be streamed at the same time here.   

The 45-minute program, which will air four times during the 5-8 pm timeslot, consists of a medley of time-lapse watercolor painting, dance performances, craft discussion, artists in discussion, and a musical interlude. Galleries featured this month include The Bower Studio (artist: Vincent Frano), Gallery A3 (artists in discussion: Marianne Connolly, Laura Holland, Sue Katz, Nancy Meagher, Rochelle Shicoff, and Janet Walerstein Winston). Amherst Ballet will present “The Social Dis-Dance Project–Isolated Together,” and a musical performance will be performed by Chris Considine.

“We hope to continue these monthly online presentations during the time that our galleries are closed,” said Eric Broudy, treasurer of Amherst Arts Night Plus. “Residents have been wonderfully supportive of this effort, as has Amherst Media. We’re just pleased we can contribute to the growing range of alternatives that so many cultural organizations are now able to present online.”

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