Participants in the 2017 Juniper Institute For Young Writers At UMass. Photo:

Source: UMass News and Media

The Juniper Institute for Young Writers at UMass Amherst has long been a place to explore, create, and find a life-long writing community. COVID-19 has suspended all in-person instruction at UMass this summer, but organizers have taken the Juniper Young Writers program online. 

The Juniper Institute’s mission is to provide teens with a supportive environment that prioritizes creative writing, critical thinking, empathy, and action. Now, more than ever, it is important to have opportunities for young people to come together to share their love of writing and create community.

From July 20-24, Juniper will be online with writing labscraft sessionswriter’s life talksparticipant readings, and write-alongs. Every aspect of Juniper’s program has been redesigned for online learning and community-building for writers in grades 8-12. Over the course of five days, students will write, revise, and compile a portfolio of work by participating in synchronous and asynchronous offerings. They will learn about writing careers and the literary life and have the opportunity to share their writing in labs and readings. 

Instructors for the program are professional teachers, published authors, and graduate students at UMass Amherst pursuing their Masters of Fine Arts degrees. 

The program offers several ways to participate: teens can choose to apply to participate in the full program (deadline, Monday, June 1) or register for one of two writing packages (deadline, Wednesday, July 15).

Until June 1, the early bird pricing for the full program is $800 (regular cost: $900). Early bird pricing on writing packages ranges from $180-$375. 

For more information contact: BetsyWheeler,
or  Shiera D. Goff,

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