Eight years ago Massachusetts voters approved a ballot question to protect their right to choose the businesses they want to use to repair their cars by requiring auto manufacturers to share computer codes and software  with independent auto repair shops. The manufacturers have developed a way to get around the voters’ intent by installing chips in many car parts and systems which collect and send performance and maintenance data to the cloud. That data then goes only to the manufacturer and once again is not available to the owner of the car nor to the independent repair shop. 

A campaign is now underway to collect electronically, over the next week,  the remaining signatures necessary to place the question on the November ballot so that if the Legislature fails to act, the voters can. 

Each voter is able to use the link below to send their individual electronic signature to help place the matter on the November ballot. 

Please consider signing this ballot question and share this message and link with others you think might help get this on the ballot! 


Stan Rosenberg is former President of the Massachusetts State Senate.  He is the host of the local government news program Byline on Amherst Media.

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