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The Amherst Town Council has proclaimed June as LGBTQ Pride Month. In lieu of an in-person ceremony and flag raising, a short video was created featuring Councilor Evan Ross reading the proclamation with footage of the Pride flag being raised on the Amherst Town Common. You can view the video here and read the proclamation below. 

Town of Amherst Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month Proclamation

WHEREAS, Amherst is a community that values diversity and inclusion, and is committed to equal rights and opportunities for all its residents; and 

WHEREAS, Amherst recognizes the important contributions of its LGBTQ residents to the Town’s history, culture, economy, and civic life; and 

WHEREAS, we celebrate the accomplishments of the LGBTQ community towards securing important rights and freedoms, often through struggle and adversity; and WHEREAS, we remain vigilant against continued oppression and discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and against any new political efforts to overturn these accomplishments; and 

WHEREAS, we affirm our support for our LGBTQ residents and stand with them to protect their civil rights and ability to live openly without fear. 

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Town Council of the Town of Amherst, do hereby proclaim June 2020 as LGBTQ Pride Month, encourage all residents to celebrate our proud and diverse LGBTQ community, and recognize this proclamation by hoisting the Pride flag from June 1 to June 30, 2020.

Click here for PDF of the Pride Month Proclamation.

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