Democracy dies in darkness.

Effective, participatory democracy requires an engaged, well-informed, civically literate citizenry. The Amherst Independent (The Indy) is an all-volunteer community journalism project committed to providing independent, fact-based reporting on Amherst government and civic life. The Indy aims to promote effective, vibrant, participatory democracy in Amherst by supporting transparency in Amherst government and governance. We aim to provide reliable reporting on the actions of the Town Council, as well as the town’s boards and committees, in a timely and accessible way. We are committed to a rigorous separation of reporting from commentary. We aim to be an explicitly progressive voice within the town, promoting conversations on the struggles for equity and justice both in Amherst and beyond. We aim to provide a forum for independent political voices within the town, serving as a counterweight to the influence of political parties and PACs. Nonetheless, we welcome commentary from every political and civic point of view in town. And we aim to provide a forum for exploring new ideas and diverse opinions, and to include voices within our town that are not typically heard.

The Indy is accessible for free on our web site and via subscription to a free, weekly email news digest. The Indy is currently advertising-free and aspires to remain so.

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