Painted utility box with the image of Robert Frost in downtown Amherst at the intersection of Amity, Main and North Pleasant Streets. Photo: Art Keene

On Saturday September 14th, three new electrical boxes will be painted downtown as part of the Public Art Commission’s Electrify Amherst project. The artists will be working most of the day. Come down and say hello.

Pam Acosta is painting the box at the intersection of Route 9 (Northampton Road) and South Pleasant Street, right on the corner near Amherst College’s Seelye House. Melissa Pandina is painting the box on South Pleasant Street on the west side of the common. Lauren Anderson will be painting the big box across from the new rotary at East Pleasant and Triangle Streets.

The Public Art Commission is working to arrange a tour of all six of Amherst’s electrical box murals in October and is hoping to extend these projects to the north, south and east village centers next year.

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