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ANONYMOUS DONOR GIVES 170 WORKS OF ART TO MEAD ART MUSEUM. by Alex Greenberger. (8/8/19). Included in the donation are a bevy of notable names: Mona Hatoum, Cindy Sherman, Christopher Williams, Candice Breitz, Laura Owens, Carroll Dunham, Mark Bradford, and Analia Saban, to name a few. (from Art News).


UMASS RESEARCHERS COMPILE LIST OF HUNDRED WORST POLLUTERS.  (8/2/19) by Dusty Christensen.  The lists — the Toxic 100 Air Polluters IndexToxic 100 Water Polluters Index and Greenhouse 100 Index — rank industrial polluters based on complex “right-to-know” data released annually by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. (from The Daily Hampshire Gazette)


CRAIG’S DOORS RESOURCE CENTER CLOSING AS STAFF DEPARTS. (7/31/19) by Scott Merzbach.  Board Chairman Gerry Weiss saiD  that the resource center would have to close for a time because of the staff departures, and the organization would be focused on opening the shelter on time in November. (from The Daily Hampshire Gazette)


IN THE 21st CENTURY WE ARE ALL MIGRANTS. (AUG 2019) by Moshin Hamid. Humans are in motion across time as well as geography. Why must we be divided, the migrant versus the native? (from National Geographic)

Police and Fire

UNION CHIEF RENEWS CALLS FOR BULKING UP AMHERST FIRE DEPARTMENT STAFFING. (8/7/19) by Scott Merzbach. The union representing Amherst’s career firefighters, who handle both fire and medical calls, is renewing a plea for more robust staffing levels, pointing to a continued increase in the use of off-duty firefighters for emergencies and firefighters responding solo to structure fires and car crashes. (from The Daily Hampshire Gazette).

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