Vivian Jacobs-Townsley (44) leads the Amherst pack to the finish at the PVIAC Cross Country Championships at Stanley Park in Westfield. Jacobs Townsley finished fifth. She is followed by Tamar Byl-Brann who finished 6th and Zada Forde (38) who finished 7th. Amherst edged Northampton 46-48 to win the title. Photo: Mark Dannenhauer/ Onalotamedia

Amherst Girls Win PVIAC Cross Country Title by Mark Dannenhauer. The Amherst girls edged Northampton 46-48 to take the title in the 24 team field at Stanley Park in Westfield on Saturday, October 26. (Mark Dannenhauer/Onalotamedia). Complete race results here.

Amherst Regional High School Varsity Girls XC Team, 2019 PVIAC Champions. (L-R) McKenzie Fitz, Vivian Jacobs Townsley, Maddie Shea, Charlotte Staudenmayer, Zada Forde, April Schilling, Annalise Peterson, Tamar Byl-Brann, and Jana Murphy. Photo: Elena Betke-Brunswick.
Amherst Regional High School girls cross country team at the start of the PVIAC championships at Stanley Park in Westfield. (L-R) Maddie Shea, Zada Forde, Charlotte Staudenmayer, (behind Charlotte barely visible is April Schilling), McKenzie Fitz, Jana Murphy, Tamar Byl-Brann, Annalise Peterson, Vivian Jacobs-Townsley. Photo: Mark Dannenhauer/Onalotamedia
Vivian Jacobs Townsley (# 44) leads the Amherst pack at the start of the PVIAC XC championships at Stanley Park. (Also pictured from Amherst – Zada Forde (L) and Maddie Shea (R)). Photo: Mark Dannenhauer/Onalotamedia

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