I went to a census meeting yesterday sponsored by the League of Women Voters, as we are approaching the time when the census taking will begin. It turns out Amherst is in the top 10 cities/towns which are hardest to count! And the ramifications for undercounting are huge – something like $2,300 per person each year for 10 years. These funds from the government help pay for needed services for children, seniors, and everybody else. So, please spread the word and be sure you get everyone in your households counted. Even renters. It does not matter if they are documented, here on temporary visa, or if you have more tenants than you should. This is only about COUNTING everyone who is here now. If they will be leaving at the end of the year, their count will be a place holder for the next person. And the government is still recruiting census workers and paying $22/hour. For more information go to www.2020census.gov

Marcie Sclove

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