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Source: Amherst Business Improvement District

The Amherst Business Improvement District (BID) invites the public to join them in honoring first responders, emergency services personnel, and  essential service worker with a town center drive-though event on Friday, May 8. 

The BID announced that just because we are physically separated, we are still emotionally connected. On May the 8th, we’ll be lining the streets of downtown with blue luminaria, blue balloons, and decorating trees with blue ribbons. Businesses are invited to decorate their store fronts with a blue something. The BID has some excellent blue gels, donated by the UMass Fine Arts Center, that go over lights. The gel can be acquired by emailing  

The Luminaria lights will be lit by 8 p.m. in downtown. Community members are encouraged to drive through and honk horns in appreciation of our EMTs, restaurant workers, hospital staff, teachers who are teaching online, service workers, shop owners, mechanics and everyone working to keep us healthy, fed, educated and safe. 

Community members are encouraged to celebrate townwide and suggest that wherever you are driving to and from to please give a honk (or a bell-ring if you’re on a bike)!

Questions can be directed to: Gabrielle Gould,  Executive Director of the BID at  

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