Amherst North Common parking lot. Photo: Art Keene.


The Town of Amherst will resume enforcement of metered parking spaces beginning August 3, 2020.  

As Downtown businesses begin to reopen and students are expected back in the area, the demand on parking spaces has increased. Parking enforcement efforts play an important role in ensuring availability and access to all by encouraging the turnover of spaces.   

During the last few months Amherst’s parking enforcement team members were deployed to help fill other staffing needs for the Town, such as delivering meals to seniors and managing the visitor flow at Puffers Pond. The Town has continued to monitor the appropriate use of handicap spaces, no parking zones, hydrant zones and other areas during this time.  

Signage will be posted at the parking kiosks and the Town will work with both the Amherst Business Improvement District and the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce to share this update with our business community.  

Questions can be directed to the Parking Office at 413-259-3020 or  

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