Amherst Media Launches New Weekly News Program

Photo: Amherst Media

Source: Amherst Media

Amherst Media launched a new program, the Amherst Weekly Report, on Friday, July 24th at 6 PM on Amherst Comcast cable channel 12. The program features local and regional news from the week in under 15 minutes, giving Amherst residents and beyond access to the weekly headlines, all in one convenient place.
Amherst Media interns and volunteers are the driving force behind the program, giving college students and community members the opportunity to participate in community news gathering and reporting.
“Citizen journalism has always been an interest of Amherst Media,” said Director of Programming, Faith Gregory. “This is an exciting opportunity to get the community more involved in news that affects them directly, and to share that news in an accessible format.”
The Amherst Weekly Report will run Fridays and Mondays at 6 PM. on Amherst Comcast channel 12. It will also be available on YouTube and will livestream from Amherst Media’s website. For more information email or call 413-259-3300.

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