Letter: Moratorium Necessary To Complete Revision Of Zoning Bylaws

One East Pleasant Street. Photo: amherstma.gov

I strongly support the moratorium on new construction permits for residential buildings with three or more units. I am pro-growth, but not the kind of growth we’ve seen, particularly the Archipelago Investments behemoths. Let’s use the 180-day period to develop bylaws that reflect the needs of the people who are most affected by new development. We need bylaws that foster growth in affordable housing for families, appropriate mixed use, and growth that creates a more walkable, livable Amherst. We do NOT need more off-campus student housing!

Alex Kent

Alex Kent is a self-employed Japanese translator who has lived in Amherst since 2001

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1 thought on “Letter: Moratorium Necessary To Complete Revision Of Zoning Bylaws

  1. Brief and right to the issue – simply and clearly stated. Seems this is an issue we should all agree on.

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