Design Review Board Approves New Signage For West Cemetery, New Locations For Valley Bikes

New signage at West Cemetery. Photo:

The meeting was held via Zoom and was recorded.

Members: Catharine Porter (Chair), Janet Marquardt, Eirka Zekos, Thom Long, and Lindsay Schnarr 
Staff: Maureen Pollock, Planning Department

New signage for West Cemetery was fast-tracked through the Design Review Board so that it can be installed before Amherst’s first Juneteenth celebration. Many of Amherst’s Civil War veterans are buried in the southeast section. 

Old sign at West Cemetery. Photo:
New sign at West Cemetery. Photo:

The new sign is designed according to the guidelines for all new way-finding signs in Town. It will replace the existing sign, using the same posts, which will be painted.

The Board also approved (with a few tweaks) a new window decal for GoBerry Froyo (under new ownership) next to the movie theater. The new owner will also sell Bart’s Ice Cream to fill a great need of the former Bart’s patrons, though their major product will continue to be frozen yoghurt.

Lastly, the Board recommended new location options for two 42” x 7” concrete pads for new Valley Bike locations. One will be at Pomeroy Village and another on South East Street at the Belchertown Road intersection. As these are electric-assist bicycles, they should be near an existing power source (the granting organization does not pay for installation). These are considered “last mile” bicycles, not pleasure vehicles to be rented by the day, so are placed near bus stops for borrowing and return.

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