UMass Offers Online Class On Organic Vegetable Production


Source: UMass Stockbridge School Of Agriculture

The UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture is offering an online class on organic vegetable production again this summer. STOCKSCH 320 is a 3-credit, college class taught by Stockbridge instructor Renee Ciulla, who has experience both as a college instructor and an organic farmer. This online course will cover the principles and practices of growing vegetables organically for both the professional small farmer and serious home gardeners.

By the end of this course, students will understand that successful organic vegetable production relies on more than producing vegetables; it requires managing money, people, and natural resources effectively. The lessons and reading material provide an overview of cultural practices for vegetables, as well as pest-, disease- and weed control, greenhouse production and construction, irrigation practices, as well as harvesting and marketing techniques.

This class may be used to satisfy the degree requirements for the UMass Sustainable Food and Farming 15-credit Certificate, the 60-credit Associate of Science, and/or the 120-credit Bachelor of Science degree programs. Credits may also be transferred to other colleges or universities. The UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture Sustainable Food and Farming program is the only online program in the U.S. that offers 40 online classes that may be taken either individually or toward completion of one of these three fully online degrees.

The UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture is offering six online classes during the 6-week summer session, including Urban Agriculture and Professional Development in Sustainable Food and Farming. Classes offered during the second summer session will begin on July 6, 2021 and registration is now open. For information on all six online classes offered this summer as well as the 15 classes offered this fall at UMass Amherst, please see:

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