Almanac: West Coast Greetings

Cape Lookout on the Oregon Coast near Tillamook...high mist-shrouded cliffs with pounding surf below. Photo: Stephen Braun

Gentle Readers:  No regular Almanac column this week or next because I’m in Oregon and Washington on various explorations. I’ve seen all sorts of unfamiliar flowers, critters, and geology that could provide fodder for a column, but since a big part of my motivation for writing is sharing things that I think readers could discover for themselves, I’ll refrain from my normal ramblings about these west coast things.  We survived the brutal heat wave by decamping to the coast for a few days and since then have been exploring mountain trails of various sorts. I’ll do another quick sketch next week, then will be back to my usual musings!

My friend and an old-growth cedar along the Salmon River, which runs through steep-walled valleys west of Mt. Hood. Photo: Stephen Braun
Turk’s Head Lily. We have these on the east coast also…one of my favorite wildflowers. Photo: Stephen Braun

A beautiful millipede, the name of which I haven’t yet taken the time to look up! Photo: Stephen Braun

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