Town Council Seeks Residents To Serve On Districting Advisory Board


Amherst Town Hall. Photo: Art Keene.


Town Council is now accepting applications for residents who wish to serve on the Districting Advisory Board (DAB). The DAB is a multiple-member body appointed by the town council in anticipation of receiving the final results of the decennial federal census. It is composed of nine voting members who must be residents of the Town and three non-voting members (the town clerk, a member of the board of registrars, and a member of IT staff). At least one (1) of the voting members must come from each of the existing town’s five voting districts and no more than two (2) may come from any existing district. The official term of service is one year but the work of the board must be completed by October 15.

For more information on the DAB look here.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve, please fill out a Community Activity Form here.

If you have questions, please reach out to George Ryan, Chair of the Town Council Committee on Governance, Organization, and Legislation (GOL), at

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1 thought on “Town Council Seeks Residents To Serve On Districting Advisory Board

  1. Seven residents have now been appointed to serve on the DAB, and the DAB starting meeting on 8/4 . My understanding is that there are 2 still vacancies and that additional residents could be appointed to fill those positions. The two vacancies can either be filled by:
    (a) two residents who live in District 4, or
    (b) one resident who lives in District 5 and one resident who lives in District 4

    Districts 1, 2, and 3 already each have two resident members on the DAB, and no more can be appointed from those districts under the rules established for the DAB membership.

    Applicants to the DAB need to fill out an Community Activity Form (CAF) and then submit a Statement of Interest. To join the DAB, they need to be approved first by the GOL and then by the Town Council.

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