Letter: Town Attorney Insults Amherst Voters


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At last Friday’s status hearing in Allen v. Board of Registrars, the Amherst voting rights case, I heard the Town’s lawyer, Gregory Corbo, tell the judge that the 40 Amherst registered voter plaintiffs were “vindictive” and wanted “a pound of flesh.” Though they are not plaintiffs in that case, many Amherst registered voters likewise feel strongly that the Town should not violate our voting rights. Most members of Amherst’s Town Council are candidates for re-election this November. Did their lawyer let slip what these candidates really think about the Amherst voters whose votes, this November, these Council members presumably want? 

Sarah McKee

Sarah McKee is former President of the Jones Library Trustees and a member of the Washington D.,C.Bar.

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Town Attorney Insults Amherst Voters

  1. My thoughts and feelings (not that any1 should care…) for the last 20 yrs or so is that the current is not effective, efficient, or wise of budget. We should have an attorney on staff rather than company and retainer. The individual could be long term, our municipally wise, politically ‘broke-in’, and less expensive even with employee costs (altho might get them from spouse &/or nother job). As I have seen they would not be full time and could reach out to a sub in heavy times (once every 10 years?) With the right legal background they could assist the Councilors (during mtgs) set policy sought and specialize it to that sought in our unique town.

    Now may be a time to place this idea under scrutiny. Better late than never.

    Chad Fuller

  2. A Town Attorney on staff is an idea worth exploring. Some of the best attorneys find ways to avoid situations that result in litigation.

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