Letter: When Can We Expect Equal Access To Basic Town Services?

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When we moved to Amherst in 2003, we were surprised that our home relied on a septic system, and was not linked to the town’s sewage system. Our assumption was that our house would be connected, at some stage in the future and that all we had to do was to wait our turn.  Fast forward 18 years, and we are still waiting.

In the context of the town’s plans for major capital expenditure on projects, many of which we support, isn’t it time to inform those taxpaying residents of Amherst who must also pay their own septic cost, when their homes will be given access to this most basic of town services?  In addition, it would be interesting to research how many homes are currently not connected to town sewerage, and where they are located.  And, is there a case to be made for lower taxes for those households who have been without this most basic town service for many years?  

Surely in the interests of equity, a value to which the town, its residents and leaders aspire, it’s high time for us to #getoursh**together.

Íde B. O’Carroll
Annie G. Rogers

Íde B. O’Carroll and Annie G. Rogers are residents of Amherst

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