Letter: It Is Unwise To Grant Jones Trustees Blank Check To Complete Renovation

Jones Library. Photo: wilkipedia.org

The following letter was sent to the Amherst Town Council on September 9, 2022

As some of you may know, I am involved with construction projects in many regions of the country. There are two refrains that seem to be a constant everywhere: supply chain problems and sharply rising costs. These two factors feed on each other and the addition of rising interest rates exacerbates the problems.

The town has made a commitment to the Jones Library with a defined amount of money for the new building construction. I don’t believe that any amount greater than what has been committed would be prudent. Certainly, providing a blank check in these times of rising interest rates and unknown cost increases for materials and labor would be foolish.

Please consider the needs of other buildings in town which will require construction funds and will also face the same unknown cost factors.

Craig Meadows

Craig Meadows is a member of Amherst’s Zoning Board of Appeals

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2 thoughts on “Letter: It Is Unwise To Grant Jones Trustees Blank Check To Complete Renovation

  1. I agree with Meadows’ position. In difficult times, difficult decisions must be addressed rationally. Everyone is dealing with inflation, with heating costs a standout example. Not only will construction costs rise more than expected, but so will ongoing overhead and maintenance.

  2. I agree with Craig Meadows’ position! Rational decision-making is of upmost importance in these uncertain times.

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