African Heritage Reparations Assembly Seeks Participants For Community Engagement Survey


Photo: African Heritage Reparations Assembly

The African Heritage Reparations Assembly (AHRA) has launched an outreach campaign with the development of a brief “inclusion survey” of Black Amherst residents. The survey will serve to inform the use of reparations funds by gauging the needs of the African heritage community.

In addition to collecting basic demographic information, the outreach campaign will facilitate continuing communication with the community. Privacy of responders will be protected. According to AHRA chair Michele Miller, “The most important piece right now is reaching Black/African heritage residents and inviting them to learn more about the process by accessing our inclusion portal. We’re also eager to reach the broader community to provide educational opportunities and forums for sharing hopes, fears, and ideas.”

The survey is now available via the Q-R code below and also on the Engage Amherst site

QR Code For AHRA inclusion survey.
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