Letter: University Staff Association Was Not Consulted On Proposed Workers’ Pavilion

The Dakin House. Home To The Arthur F. Kinney Center For Renaissance Studies. The proposed pavilion to honor frontline umass service workers is to be built adjacent to the center. Photo: umass.edu

The following letter from Leslie Marsland was sent on January 20, 2023 in response to a letter from Tony Maroulis on January 20, 2023, concerning the proposed pavilion at the Arthur F. Kinney Renaissance Center to honor UMass service workers. The Indy was copied in on this letter.

University Staff Association (USA) was not notified of this gift and no information was shared with me as the President. I only found out about this pavilion when a member emailed me the article.  This information may have been shared with one particular union but not all.  All the labor unions had front-line staff that worked during the pandemic.  Additionally, regarding the COVID Hazard pay, while it is nice that the Commonwealth recognized those putting their lives at risk to work onsite during the pandemic, many union members have not been paid yet for their service.  

As I have been told, the University believes that is too late to submit any additional names to the state for hazard pay .  I am concerned that some members will not be paid for their service during COVID.

Leslie Marsland

Leslie Marsland is President of the University Staff Association

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1 thought on “Letter: University Staff Association Was Not Consulted On Proposed Workers’ Pavilion

  1. Thank you Leslie for setting that record straight. I will share the response from the Chancellor that I received and my letter back.

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