Opinion: (Video) Climate Fair Shares Explained


Photo: US Climate Fair Share Project

Love, Justice And Climate Change

Russ Vernon-Jones

Over the last few years I’ve written several posts about the importance of humanity coming together to solve the climate crisis. It will be necessary to eliminate carbon emissions everywhere in the world. The money for doing that must come from those who have the capacity to pay and must assist those nations that don’t have the resources to transition to clean energy and adapt to climate change without outside financial assistance.

This is often called a “fair shares” approach. I’ve also written about the importance of sharing these ideas widely and beginning the process of building support among people in the wealthy nations of the world for such global financing. Now there’s a new 6-minute video available that gives a fine explanation. Rather than writing a blog post this week, I’m sharing the video with you and encouraging you to share it with others.

Fair Shares Explained

The video is from the US Climate Fair Share project of the U.S. Climate Action Network and is narrated by Reverend Michael Malcom of the People’s Justice Council in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s definitely worth 6 minutes of your time.

US Climate Fair Share is launching a communications campaign to spread these perspectives widely and invites all of us to join in. You might want to check out their “get involved” page.

Russ Vernon-Jones was principal of Fort River School 1990-2008 and is currently a member of the Steering Committee of Climate Action Now-Western Massachusetts. He blogs regularly on climate justice at www.russvernonjones.org.

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