Letter: School Committee Must Act Now To Address Middle School Debacle


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The following letter was sent to the Regional School Committee on June 11, 2023

On May 16, the Amherst Pelham Education Association (APEA) presented the committee with a letter of no confidence in Superintendent Michael Morris and Assistant Superintendent Doreen Cunningham, enumerating the concerns we have about their leadership. Since that meeting, we have heard no updates about what steps the School Committee is taking to investigate and take action with regards to our verified collection of claims. This is a matter of great concern to Amherst Regional Public Schools staff, as shown by the percentage of staff who voted in favor of this letter. We understand that the Title IX investigation is still underway; however, that investigation was started based on a complaint from parents, and does not address all the points enumerated in our vote of no confidence letter. We ask that the School Committee employ an independent investigator look into our verified claims of unethical, unprofessional behavior as well.Ā 

Resolution of this matter is essential to the continued wellbeing of all Amherst Regional Schools staff. Without a concrete follow-up plan, we believe that staff morale will remain low and educator burnout will remain high. We urge you to take action as soon as possible so that everyone may return to school in August with a feeling of safety in our buildings, and so that we may focus on what we love and do best: educating and caring for our students.

We are asking that the School Committee provide the APEA and the community with a response to this matter on or before July 1, 2023. 

Amherst-Pelham Education Association

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