APEA Raises Concerns Over Return of Morris, Status Of Investigation


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Source: Amherst Pelham Education Association

The Amherst Pelham Education Association (APEA) is requesting the Amherst Regional School Committee (RSC) fast-track their planned August meeting. This comes in light of deep-seated concerns surrounding district leadership, affecting both the APEA and the broader community, and sparked by the return to work of Superintendent Michael Morris on July 13. 


Leadership trust crisis: A vote of no confidence was passed by the APEA on May 13 against Morris and Assistant Superintendent and Director of Human Resources Doreen Cunningham. Cunningham as well as other staff members of color remain on leave, while Morris has returned even though the investigation has not concluded.

Neglect Of LGBTQA+ Students: Morris’ return to work preceded the results of the Title IX investigation, which concerns the APEA since the vote of no confidence was partly related to his lack of action around LGBTQA+  complaints.

Lack Of Transparency: The RSC has yet to provide updates on the Title IX investigation and whether there are other probes that address the additional concerns raised by the APEA in their “no confidence” statement. The APEA requested on June 9 the RSC give the APEA a response by July 1, but they have not.

Absence Of Role Replacement Strategy: The RSC has yet to communicate plans for filling key roles left vacant by individuals currently on administrative leave.

The APEA urgently calls on the RSC to address these concerns.

“Transparency, action, and reassurances are what the community wants and deserves. The School Committee, as the elected representatives, should listen and respond accordingly,” added APEA President Chris Herland. For more information contact: executiveboard@amherstpelhamed.org

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