Works by Amy Dawn Kotel And Jen Lambert At The Burnett Gallery In August


Image: Ancestral Wings by Amy Dawn Kotel

Source: Jones Library

NOTE: The installation of this exhibit has been delayed due to the unexpected closure of the Gallery in early August. Watch this space of the Burnett Gallery web page for updates and new opening date for the exhibit.

On display in the Burnett Gallery at the Jones Library: August 8 – 31, 2023
Public reception: Thursday, August 10, 5 to 8 p.m

The Art of Amy Dawn Kotel

Image: Letting Go by Amy Dawn Kotel


Amy leads with creativity in all facets of her life. She has worked as a professional dancer, puppeteer, and now, artist. Her fine art is strongly connected to her spirituality and her sense of humor, which sometimes is one and the same. Thematically her work is colorful, full of small patterns combining to make a larger image. She mixes beauty and natural scenes with abstract, surrealism, and the absurd, all while creating flow and movement in her art. Often her work reflects either what she wants to see, the patterns she believes lie underneath what we all see, and or the connections humans have or don’t have. Art gives her an opportunity to clear her thinking and even her soul through pencil, paint brush, glue and pipecleaners. Most recently she has been playing with gender roles and bending the gender norms she grew up with, to reflect new paradigms of what is possible through the depictions she creates.

Artist website:

Work By Jen Lambert

Image: Jen Lambert

Artist Statement

There is nothing to say because I put everything in the painting
Remember the time you kicked empty space and then
its shadow and found beauty?

I can think of no phrase to explain my relationship to art.
Art is not like medicine; you don’t have to take it.

There are more things in art and a big smile
“Horatio then can be dreamt in your philosophy”
said Shakespeare.

I just let my brush and pen dance and sometimes art pops out.

These pieces are handprinted on rice paper and print papers using a gelatin plate. The prints are then cut and adhered to gessoed wood panels. Archival acrylic paint and archival matte medium is used for protection. Framed in pine.

Image: Jen Lambert

Jen paints, prints, draws and writes poetry.
Jen lives in Montague, MA where she
tries to keep arguing with small forest creatures
to a minimum.

M.F.A.Institute Allende 1999


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