APEA Calls for Resignation in District Human Resources Office


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The Amherst Pelham Education Association reaffirms its strong commitment to ensuring a safe learning environment for all students, particularly LGBTQ+ and gender non-binary students. The investigator for the Title IX investigation has submitted his reports to Superintendent Doug Slaughter and the school committees. This investigator found inadequate [district] investigations into allegations staff engaged in offensive conduct based on LGBTQ+ status….I find both of these [district] investigations to be deficient and constitute a failure of the School District to take prompt effective action in response to legitimate concerns of inappropriate behavior.”  The investigator further stated, “I find ARPS’ handling of the complaint highly inadequate and lacking in thoroughness.”

The APEA finds it extremely problematic that the administrative district employee cited here, Kathy Mazur, remains actively employed in Human Resources to this day. 

With these concerns over student safety and lack of responsiveness to “legitimate” APEA member concerns, the APEA therefore calls for Mazur’s immediate resignation. The APEA looks forward to detailed plans from the district on how Human Resources will become more responsive to member concerns and how the superintendent will ensure Human Resources is accountable to the community which it serves.

For more information contact: executiveboard@amherstpelhamed.org

Read interim Superintendent Doug Slaughter’s response to the call for Mazur’s resignation in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

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