Photo Of The Week: An Indy Gallery.

Our feature, Photo of the Week, presents each week, a new picture by a local photographer. We invite local photographers to share their photographs here.   Please include a description/caption and an indication of who is to be credited.

This week we offer a gallery of photos that we have received during the month of September. We anticipate posting our next gallery at the end of November..

Herbert S. Dickinson Cider Barn that has stood for 150 years on the farm property long owned by the Bruce and Galena Patterson family in North Amherst. Photo: Robin Jaffin

Window of the “shop” in the Herbert S. Dickinson cider barn that is chock full of tools and farm paraphernalia – some of it likely dating back 75-100 years. Photo: Robin Jaffin

She can read the sign! Photo: Gloria DiFulvio

Beaver Dam In Leverett. Photo: Richard Sclove

Moon rising over North Amherst. Photo: Richard Sclove

Shel Horowitz and Dina Friedman’s eco-friendly home in Hadley was built in 1743. Photo: Shel Horowitz.
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2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Week: An Indy Gallery.

  1. I’m really enjoying these end-of- the- month galleries which give us a chance to show off the work of our local photographers. This was our fourth. Our next gallery is planned for November but if everyone keeps sending us good stuff, we’ll do one in October. So please keep em coming.

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