Emergency Rental Assistance Program Still Accepting Applications.


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The Amherst Emergency Rental Assistance Program is continuing until at least June. Amherst households at risk of eviction for nonpayment of rent should apply to this program. 

Eligible households: 

  • Must be renters living in Amherst and be an eligible household 
  • Must have a documented loss or reduction of income due to COVID-19 
  • Households do not have to be currently behind in their rent or have a late notice. 
  • Household annual gross income may not exceed 80 percent of the Area Median Income.
  • Assistance is available on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • Households living in subsidized housing are eligible for assistance, but only for rent  in arrears. 
  • Households cannot be entirely composed of full-time college students (some exceptions apply). 
  • Households must demonstrate a need for assistance
  • Households with sufficient income and/or savings to pay their monthly rent will not be eligible. Some savings is allowable.

Households that had previously received three months of rental support can apply for an additional three months of support if they continue to meet the program eligibility criteria. The program continues to be administered by Community Action Pioneer Valley with funds from the Amherst Affordable Housing Trust. The application is available at  https://www.communityaction.us/amherstrentalassistance

People who apply to this program, can simultaneously apply to the State’s RAFT (Rental Assistance for Families in Transition) program.  Since RAFT is more generous, they are advised to do so. Apply at https://www.wayfinders.org/apply-financial-assistance

Finally, all households at risk are advised to take advantage of the CDC eviction moratorium, extended until the end of March. This can temporarily insulate a household from being evicted.

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