Elevated Bacteria Counts And Hazardous High Water Levels Close Town Beaches

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Source: amherstma.gov

There is currently no swimming allowed at the North and South Beaches of Puffer’s Pond and the Wentworth Conservation Area on Stanley St. due to high levels of e. coli bacteria that have been detected during routine water testing. 

There is posted signage at all of the above areas cautioning against swimming. 

Testing typically is done on Tuesdays with results available on Wednesdays.  The next testing is scheduled for July 27.

Look here to view the archive of water quality reports.

Questions or concerns?  (413) 259-3292

Please visit www.amherstma.gov/pools for information on town pools and the spray pad at Groff Park. 

Local Waterways Surging Past Safe Limits
The town urges caution around rivers and streams. Due to plentiful rainfall, the Mill River,  Fort River, and Puffers Pond are at dangerously high levels.  All local waterways are experiencing rapid and extreme flows. These high water levels can also bring dangerous debris into rivers and streams.  Until further notice, residents are urged to avoid wading, swimming, or recreating around surging waterways.

Additional Safety Precautions

•    Move to higher ground and stay away from low-lying flood-prone areas

•    Do not allow children to play in flood waters

•    Never drive on a flooded road

•    Be extra cautious during nighttime flooding situations

•    Keep pets away from rivers until water levels have returned to normal

•    n an emergency dial 9-1-1

Contact the Town Manager’s Office at 413-259-3002

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