Letter: Sexual Violence – Telling It Like It Is

Theta Chi House at UMass Amerst, site of a recent alleged sexual assualt. Photo: wikimeida commons

I was interested to learn on The Bill Newman Show that recent comments from former Daily Hampshire Gazette editor Brooke Hauser have garnered media attention.  In reference to protests at UMass Theta Chi fraternity over an alleged sexual assault, Ms. Hauser has pointed out on her Twitter account that headlines from the Daily Hampshire Gazette and the Boston Globe differ markedly.

Boston Globe: UMass Students Protest Sex Violence

Daily Hampshire Gazette: Two Arrested In Violent Protest

The Globe headline highlighted what many students see as a serious problem.  The Gazette headline redirected criticism from the University to a couple of disorderly protesters.

I appreciate that the Amherst Indy does not shy away from publishing analyses and commentary that may be uncomplimentary to established centers of local power, whether one of the institutions of higher learning or an organ of town government.  Feathers may occasionally get ruffled, but most importantly the Indy is helping nurture what a healthy democracy needs most – informed, thoughtful, and engaged citizens.

Keep it up!

Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee is a resident of District 5

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