A Better World Is Possible: How To Make An Attractive City


Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Photo: Pixabay.com. Public Domain

Sources:  School of Life and Wikipedia

Editor’s note: A Better World Is Possible is a new Indy feature that offers snapshots of creative undertakings, community experiments, innovative municipal projects, and excursions of the imagination that offer possible interventions for the sundry challenges we face in our communities.  The feature complements our regular column by Boone Shear – Becoming Human.  Have you seen creative approaches to community problems or examples of things that other communities do to make life better for their residents that you think we should be talking about?  Send your observations/suggestions to amherstindy@gmail.com. See previous posts here.

This week, we feature a short (14:10) video from the School Of Life, entitled “How to Make an Attractive City”.  The video was suggested by Indy contributor Ira Bryck and speaks to many of the decisions that Amherst (though a city in name only) faces as it struggles with the possibilities of  good planning and the lack thereof.   The video was first released in 2015 and has been viewed over 2.5 million times.  If can be watched here.

The School of Life is a global educational company that offers advice on life issues with the aim of teaching people how to lead a more fulfilled life. They offer insights in the key ingredients of emotional well-being: how to form good relationships, identify a satisfying career, minimizing anxiety, acquiring confidence, connecting properly with friends, and understanding a changing world. The School also offers psychotherapy and bibliotherapy services and runs online and physical shops. The School has a significant channel on YouTube, with over 7 million subscribers. it publishes one new video a week.

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