Town Clerk Announces Revised Recommendations For Voting Locations


Early voting at the Bangs Center on Tuesday October 20., 2020. Photo: Janet Keller

Town Clerk Sue Audette has updated her recommendations regarding where precinct residents should vote.  Those revisions, along with an explanation of the changes and of the process for deciding of the location of the polls can be viewed here. The revisions came in response to questions and concerns raised at the last meeting of the town Council on March 21.  In her revisions, Audette incorporated the feedback that she received from members of the Town Council and from the public, including former Districting Advisory Board (DAB) members. Following the March 21 Council meeting, Audette reached out to members of the DAB and invited them to provide comment on her initial recommendations.

Audette now supports continuing to have Clark House and Ann Whalen residents, and Amherst College students living on campus vote at the Bangs Center downtown, instead of relocating their precinct’s voting place to the Amherst Pelham Regional High School (ARHS). She also now recommends using ARHS as the voting place for four precincts, all of which include parts of the University of Massachusetts and nearby neighborhoods, and no longer having voting at the Wildwood School, since the Wildwood School is not as accessible by public transportation as is ARHS. 

Audette’s recommendations for voting locations in north and south Amherst remain the same as in her presentation to the Council in March. Her recommendations for voting locations are as follows:

Precinct 1a North Zion Church  
Precinct 1b: Immanuel Lutheran Church
Precincts 2a, 3a, 4a, and 4b – Amherst Pelham Regional High School
Precinct 2b – Fort River Elementary School
Precinct 3b – Crocker Farm Elementary School
Precinct 5a – Bangs Community Center
Precinct 5b– Munson Memorial Library
See Below For A Map of the town’s districts and precincts.

The town Council is scheduled to vote on the Clerk’s recommendations at Monday’s (4/4) Council meeting. Once approved the updated voting locations will take effect for the fall 2022 state elections, including the state primary in September and the main election in November. 

Proposed new district and precinct map for the Town of Amherst. Photo:
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