Letter: Why So Much Secrecy From The Jones Library Trustees?


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Jeff Lee’s report on the discussions among the Jones Library Trustees is interesting on so many fronts. As they say, “Enquiring minds want to know.” My enquiring mind is certainly curious about the following matters: Why the apparent secrecy over who is doing fundraising for this project? For the amount that has been raised, what period of time does it cover, meaning when did this fundraising start, and how long has it taken to raise what is still under 20% of the adjusted amount that is now needed? The same question applies to the “personnel” costs for this amount: What is the period of time that these costs cover, and what is it that these individuals do? In terms of the CPA grant — a full one-third of the funds that have been raised — what was the role of paid fundraisers in the approval of this grant? For the Epsilon Associates, Inc., proposal, what is the expected return in actual dollars, and what kind of “assistance” will this entity provide? In the event that the library is actually NOT an income-producing building, will this contract be null and void? And finally, after having read the thoughtful and necessary questions asked by Robert Pam, and having read the responses from trustees, a chilling question: Is this trustee being punished and silenced — as much as one can dare to do in a public forum — for asking questions that supporters of this project do not want to answer?

Denise Barberet

Denise Barberet lived in Amherst for 34 years and is a current resident of Chicopee

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Why So Much Secrecy From The Jones Library Trustees?

  1. It’s a shame that the good feeling that might be created from a town improving their library has been tainted by all this controversy. And that a town whose main industry is education can’t seem to have a more collaborative conversation and transparent process, and discover how to row together.

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