Photo Of The Week: A 2022 Gallery

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Our feature, Photo of the Week, presents each week, a new picture by a local photographer. We invite local photographers to share their photographs here.   Please include a description/caption and an indication of who is to be credited.

This week we offer a gallery of 16 of our favorite Photo of the Week photos from 2022. We encourage you to browse beyond this gallery to review all of the contributions that we received during the year – there’s some outstanding stuff there. Just use the search function in the upper right of the page and type in Photo Of The Week. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the photographers who shared their work with the Indy this year and encourage them to keep it coming in 2023. The photos that follow are not presented in any particular order.

Also, checkout Stephen Braun’s Almanac which often offers great nature photos.
Look here for our 2021 Photo Of The Week Favorites Gallery.

Bridge of Flowers over the Fort River, Amherst, near the Harvey Allen Trail. Photo: Jonathan Plant
Someone forgot to take in the feeder last night by Donna West
Reflection 330. Photo: Dave Madeloni
Untitled. Photo: Susan Panlilio
Untitled. Photo: Robin Jaffin
UMass Women’s basketball team celebrates at center court after defeating #1 seed Dayton in the championship game of the A-10 tournament. Pictured center are Sam Breen (34), who was named the tournament’s most outstanding player and Sydney Taylor (1). Photo: Greg Flume/A10
Driveway hearts. Photo: Annique Boomsma
Skating on Puffers Pond #1. Photo: Meg Gage
Rosette of the common Turkey Tail fungus. Photo: Stephen Braun
Untitled #1 Base of waterfall in winter, South Hadley. Photo: Sally Greenebaum
Winter morning walks at Atkins Reservoir #1. Photo: Sara Barber-Just
Winter is here. Photo: Alan Goodman
Untitled: Susan Panlilio
Bird’s nest fungi, Ashfield, Massachusetts. Photo: Sally Waisbrot
Busy bees after the rain. Photo: Annique Boomsma
Rose breasted grosbeaks. Photo: Diane Amsterdam
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  1. Quite a fine exhibition of some talented photographers and their works. Thanks for giving us Photo of the Week.

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