Town COVID Vaccine Clinics Will Now Be Monthly


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Beginning on February 1, the Town of Amherst will offer COVID vaccine clinics on the first Wednesday of every month. Clinics were previously offered weekly on Thursdays. The Wednesday clinics are held in the Bangs Center Community Room 101 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. The clinics offer Pfizer and Moderna Bivalent Boosters for ages 12 and up and Pfizer Bivalent Booster for ages 5 and up.  Registration is preferred, but walk-ins are accepted. To schedule an appointment,  click here

The Amherst Health Department estimates that 91% of Amherst residents are now fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Free rapid antigen tests (with a June2023 expiration date) are still available at the Health Department in the Bangs Center.

In her monthly report to the Amherst Board of Health, presented on February 9, Health Director Jennifer Brown reported that while COVID is still with us, tracking the virus has become increasingly difficult. “We just don’t have the surveillance that we used to have,” she said.  Currently 80% of testing is done at home and is not reported.  Wastewater testing, which Amherst does three times/week,  is now the most accurate means for tacking COVID infections. Case counts in town appear to be declining with an incidence of 3.3 cases/100,000 reported for the past week. (look here for more comprehensive case numbers).” The federal COVID emergency ends on May 11, but the town will continue to do everything that it can to protect its residents”, Brown said. The town will follow the lead of Department of Public Health with ongoing reporting.

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