The Poetic Dialogue sculpture near the Emily Dickinson Museum without Robert Frost. Photo: Maura Keene

Except for a brief period in 2021, the silhouettes of Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson have been engaged in a poetic dialogue near the site of the Emily Dickinson museum on Main and Churchill Street since May of 1996. The silhouette sculptures were created by Michael Versi. Because of rust and surface damage, they were removed in 2020 and refurbished by artist Kamil Peters through a Community Preservation Act grant to the Public Art Commission. The sculptures were remounted (although in reverse positions) in April, 2022, but last fall the Frost silhouette disappeared and has yet to be replaced.

At the September 8 Cuppa Joe, the Indy asked Town Manager Paul Bockelman if the statue has been found and, if so, when will it be remounted? Bockelman replied that the silhouette was located shortly after it was noted to be missing. Apparently, the way it was mounted had allowed a group of young people to rock it back and forth until it snapped off. Because of the damage, the town is waiting for Peters to repair it and for the Department of Public Works to better secure it to its rock pedestal. “For now,” Bockelman said, “Robert Frost is resting at the Department of Public Works building.”

Emily Dickinson engages Robert Frost in conversation in a sculpture west of the Evergreens, prior to Robert Frost’s disappearance. Photo: Art Keene
Frost disappeared from his place in the Poetic Dialogue sculpture but his poetry remained. Photo: Maura Keene

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