Here Is the Link to ARMS Discrimination Investigation Reports


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Here is the link to the five redacted investigation reports of discrimination at Amherst Regional Middle School (three Title IX and two non-Title IX). Over the next several days the Indy will offer summaries and analyses of these reports.

Read reporting in the Daily Hampshire Gazette here.

The district provided the following introdution to the five reports.

Introductory Information Relative to the Investigative Reports 
As a district, we have consistently maintained that the Title IX and other investigative reports conducted by Attorney Ed Mitnick of Just Training Solutions LLC are personnel records and; therefore, exempt from release to the public. However, the Daily Hampshire Gazette submitted a challenge to this position to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Office. The District’s legal counsel responded to the Secretary of State’s Office outlining the reasons the District held that position, and they determined that the reports do not meet the criteria required for personnel records of a public employee and must be released. Using the Secretary of State’s guidance in their determination, the reports at the links below have been redacted of personal information that does meet the criteria necessary to be withheld from public release. 

Please note that these reports are focused on the individual staff members who were investigated and their actions relative to specific circumstances. They do not provide additional context that is useful in framing the whole of the circumstances leading to the investigation. This is not a critique of the thoroughness, accuracy or validity of the reports, it is merely a recognition that their purpose is very specific and the District’s responses and corrective actions have, and will continue to be, determined based on a broader and more holistic review of the circumstances. 

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