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Dear Readers,

The Indy is going on vacation from Wednesday July 10 – Wednesday July 17. There will be no Saturday email dispatch on Saturday July 13 and our last new postings before we head out will be on Tuesday July 9. We’ll be back with new content on Thursday July 18 and will resume our weekly email dispatch on Saturday July 20.

However, there is a lot going on in town next week and should any of you decide to write about it (and we encourage you to do so) please send us your reporting, your opinion pieces and your letters, etc., and we’ll endeavor to post them expeditiously, even while we are away. Once back, we’ll try to run some summaries of the news that transpired while we were away to get everyone quickly back up to speed and you can help us by sending your tips, reports, opinions, and musings to

Our comments section will remain open throughout our vacation and you can hold forth there in the interim. Please consider starting a discussion in that venue. And should a breaking story erupt, our editorial team is ready to help you get a report posted to the Indy expeditiously. You can send your reporting to us at

We will not be able to keep our events calendar up-to-date during our absence but we can add items through July 9 and will begin updating the calendar again on July 18. So if you have a July event that you’d like us to post, please send it along to the above address and we’ll add it before we head out.

Thanks for reading the Indy and best wishes,


Art Keene
Managing Editor
The Amherst Indy

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3 thoughts on “Indy Is Going on Vacation

  1. Thank you Art and Maura for your dedication to Amherst.

    Have a wonderful

  2. You deserve a vacation, I appreciate the material. At least you bother to tell people what’s happening, unlike some others I know

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