Photo Of The Week: An Indy December Gallery

Our feature, Photo of the Week, presents each week, a new picture by a local photographer. We invite local photographers to share their photographs here.   Please include a description/caption and an indication of who is to be credited.

This week we offer another end-of-the-month gallery of photos that we have received during the month of December. We will continue to offer these end-of-the-month galleries as long as folks continue to send us photos.

“Corroda-virus” has been in Amherst a long time..  The picture is taken on Route 116 on the Grist Mill side of the road. Photo: Paul Peelle

 Little Bella casting the longest shadow on one of the shortest days. North Amherst . Photo: Robin Jaffin

Ignacio wants to keep his neighbor safe. Photo: Lisa Fontes
Pileated woodpecker. South Amherst. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a pileated woodpecker in the woods behind our house. This guy showed up in mid-Novermber and then we saw him (or perhaps another bird) in the neighborhood over the next couple of weeks. He managed to make a couple of substantial holes in this tree in a very short time. Photo: Art Keene
The Merry Maple, perhaps in its final year. December 23, 2020. Photo: Maura Keene

Cotton ball clouds, Amherst sky. Photo: Jennifer Page

Sunset skiing at Cherry Hill. Photo: Stephen Braun
Lake Wyola December sunset. Photo: Eli Keene
Years of saved hand turkeys commemorating a pandemic Thanksgiving celebrated without family. Photo: Sofia Buford

I can’t help it. They are so damn cute. Pandemic kittens. 3.5 month old Siberians who arrived at the end of December. Photo: Art Keene

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