Photo Of The Week: Egret by Susan Panlilio


Egret. This photo was taken at the canal at Turners Falls. Photo: Susan Panlilio

This photo of an egret was taken at the canal in Turners Falls.

Our feature,  Photo of the Week, presents each week, a new picture by a local photographer. We invite local photographers to share their photographs here.   Please include a description/caption and an indication of who is to be credited.

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3 thoughts on “Photo Of The Week: Egret by Susan Panlilio

  1. Extraordinary! Such graceful, precise wing feathers. You can almost feel what it would be like to have wings like that, deftly adjusting each feather so each tiny eddy of wind current served the egret’s intent. How does the egret’s brain do it? What’s the backstory of getting this shot, I wonder?

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