Opinion: Watch – Emily Tells It Straight And Slant About Housing In Amherst

Dina Stander as Emily Dickinson in the You Tube video, " Emily Tells It Straight and Slant". Photo: You Tube

by Ira Bryck, Dina Stander and Kitty Axelson Berry

Dear Amherst friends and neighbors,

We hope you will enjoy this visit from Emily Dickinson, “telling it straight and slant” about her vexations with poorly maintained, overpriced houses for students, and buildings that require too many unwise waivers. And please make yourself heard to the Town Council and Planning Board (see info at end of our 3.5 minute video). Note: This video is not associated with the Emily Dickinson Museum.

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Watch – Emily Tells It Straight And Slant About Housing In Amherst

  1. you can email the planning board at planning@amherstma.gov

    and the town council, post a public comment at https://www.amherstma.gov/councilcomments

    and the town manager at bockelmanp@amherstma.gov

    letting them know your views on:

    • increasing investment by investors, buying individual and groups of homes to turn into student rentals
    • overcrowding and overcharging students into under-maintained houses
    • the idea that a Mixed Use building can have only 30% “non-residential” on any floor of the building, instead of 100% of the ground/first floor be non-residential – which means public facing businesses and offices, not just anything that isn”t a bed
    • that the planning board should not consider certain neighborhoods “student slums” and grant waivers that will increase the deterioration of the house and its neighborhood
    • that the university needs to engage in a more realistic discussion about increasing enrollment without providing ample residence halls on campus
    • that the community expressing their views on the evolution of our town is not “nimby naysaying”

    many thanks

    Ira Bryck

  2. The “… unkempt/… verklemmt” rhyme is worthy of W.S. Gilbert, and D. Stander belts it out beautifully, albeit a cappella . (If it’s ever set to music, who might be I. Bryck’s Hart/Hammerstein?! ;-))

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