Ballot Set For November Town Election


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The following Amherst residents have filed election papers for the November 7 town election.  The Indy will be posting personal statements from the candidates in early October.  Candidates will also be posting statements on the town web site. Additional information on the town election including instructions on where to vote can be found here.  The last day to register vote is Friday October 27 (5 p.m. in person).  The last day to request a mail-in ballot is Tuesday October 31.


At Large (three to be elected)
Jamie Daniels
Mandy Jo Hanneke – incumbent
Matt Holloway*
Vincent O’Connor*
Andy Steinberg – incumbent
Ellisha Walker – incumbent

DISTRICTS (electing two in each district)

District 1
Ndifreke Ete
Vincent O’Connor*
Cathy Schoen – incumbent

District 2
Allegra Clark
Pat DeAngilis – incumbent
Lynn Griesemer – incumbent
Amber Cano Martin

District 3
Patrick Drumm
Heather Hala Lord
George Ryan

District 4

Matt Holloway *
Anika Lopes – incumbent
Dillon Maxfield
Pam Rooney – incumbent
Jennifer Taub – incumbent currently representing District 3

District 5
Ana Devlin Gauthier – incumbent
Robert Hegner

* O’Connor has filed papers to run in both District 1 and at-large and has until October 5 to withdraw from one of those races. Holloway has filed papers to run in Dsitrict 4 and at-large and has until October 5 to withdraw from one of those races.

SCHOOL COMMITTEE  (five to be elected)
Laura Hunter
Bridget Hynes
Deborah Leonard
Sarah Marshall
Irv Rhodes -incumbent
Jennifer Shiao – incumbent
Martha Toro

JONES LIBRARY TRUSTEES (six to be elected)
Farah Ameen – incumbent
Lee Edwards -incumbent
Tamson Ely – incumbent
Eugene Goffredo
Edward McGlynn
Robert Pam- incumbent Austin Sarat – incumbent

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