Former School Superintendent Mike Morris Hired As Westfield HR Director


Michale Morris. Photo:

Former Amherst School Superintendent Mike Morris, is the new Human Resources Director for the Westfield Public Schools.  His appointment was announced at the Westfield School Committee meeting on October 2.   Westfield School Superintendent Stefan Czaporowski was quoted in MassLive regarding Morris’ appointment saying,  “We’re excited because of his experience. Mike is dedicated to attracting and retaining the best staff we can possibly find for our students.”

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Morris resigned from his Amherst position on August 18, shortly after coming back from a mental health leave on July 13, and amid public outcry over alleged harassment of trans and gay students at Amherst Regional Middle School by both staff and students, as well as charges of hiring irregularities in the district. The Amherst Pelham Education Association cast a vote of no confidence in Morris on May 13.

Following Morris’ return, there had been widespread calls for him to be placed on administrative leave until the completion of an ongoing Title IX investigation and for an independent investigation looking into his culpability in obstructing interventions for the alleged bullying.  The Amherst School Committee declined to place Morris on leave, or to conduct an independent investigation into his conduct.  Interim School Superintendent Doug Slaughter announced on September 19  that the results of a Title IX investigation into the alleged bullying would not be shared with the public.  Look here for a comprehensive record of reporting on the crisis in the Amherst Regional Public Schools.

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