Photo Of The Week. Fall – An Indy September Gallery.

Our feature, Photo of the Week, presents each week, a new picture by a local photographer. We invite local photographers to share their photographs here.   Please include a description/caption and an indication of who is to be credited.

This week we offer a gallery of photos that we have received during the month of September. We will continue to post galleries the last week of each month as long as our readers continue to send us photos.

Hatfield Sky. Photo: Robbin Jaffin
Belle and Attie along the Hadley Leveee. Photo: Robin Jaffin
Untitled: Photo: Robbin Jaffin
Beaver Dam in Leverett. Photo: Richard Sclove
Shadows on a stream that’s glowing golden from the autumn leaves above. Photo: Richard Sclove

Monarch: Photo: Richard Sclove
Monarch on Chatham Beach. Photo: Annique Boomsma
The Beaches Of Cape Cod. Photo: Annique Boomsma
Monarch on Cape Cod beach. Photo Annique Boomsma
Reflection #25. Photo: Dave Madeloni
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