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There has been a lot of news to cover this week and we’ve been struggling to keep up.  Hence there are a few articles that should have appeared in today’s edition that were not quite ready when we went to press. These include a report on the School Committee Meeting of 10/17,  The Amherst Schools’ response to a critique of the Language! Live Reading Curriculum by Katie Lazdowski,  another edition of “From Other Sources” with links to more incisive commentary on the Gaza war and the latest news on addressing plastic pollution, and a few op/eds about the town election.  We’ll try to get those into final form over the weekend and have those posted to the Indy by Monday morning.

Indy Readership is Expanding
Those of you who have been following our weekly statistics in our table of contents, “What’s In This Issue?” have likely noticed the significant spike in readership that we have enjoyed beginning in August. In September, we set new monthly highs for page views (64,174) and unique sessions (15, 250).  Readership has dipped a bit in the last couple of weeks, but we are still averaging in the neighborhood of 14,000 page views/week.  Thanks for reading!

Foliage Gallery Next Week
Fall colors are still popping around the Valley so we have extended the deadline for submitting foliage photos for the Indy’s. annual gallery. So please send us your best photos ( and we’ll post our annual foliage gallery next week.  And if we get enough photos, we’ll run another on November 4.

Thanks to all of the candidates for town office who submitted personal statements and who took the time to fill out the Indy’s questionnaire. Your answers to those questions will help voters better understand where you stand on some important issues facing the town.  Those responses are distributed across four articles in today’s Indy. You can find them at the links below.

Candidates Personal Statements
Town Council Questionnaire
School Committee Questionnaire
Library Trustee Questionnaire

Come Write For Us
As of this writing, 342 unique individuals have written at least one article for the Indy. Please help us to cover the news in Amherst and to keep our civic discourse lively. Drop me a note if you’d like to learn more at

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Art Keene
Managing Editor
The Amherst Indy

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