Amherst Chapter Of Democrats Without Borders Supports Candidates In North Carolina

Phoocratsto: Cabarrus County Dem

Democrats Without Borders (DWB) of Western Massachusetts was formed in December 2016 to help those in reliably Democratic areas, like Amherst, support Democrats running for office in Republican dominated areas. The Amherst group has teamed with the Cabarrus County Democrats. In Cabarrus County, registered voters are split equally between Republicans and Democrats, but Republicans receive funding from the Koch brothers and other wealthy Republican donors, while the county has largely been ignored by the Democratic Party.

Over the past four years, Democrats Without Borders has enabled the Cabarrus County Democrats to rent a headquarters and helped mobilize voters for the 2018 election. Although most of the Democratic candidates lost, their showing was greatly increased over previous elections and the Party was able to field a full slate of candidates. For the upcoming election in November, the Amherst chapter is trying to help supply Cabarrus County with lawn signs for local and national Democrats. 

In a fundraising letter to DWB members, Amherst resident Nick Bromell attested to the impact of lawn signs, saying:

“Even though registered voters there are evenly divided among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, you would never know that from the visible indicators that you see displayed there: Confederate flags, MAGA hats, Trump lawn signs and bumper stickers dominate the landscape. It would be easy to conclude – mistakenly – that the county is 90% Republican. 

This misperception has terrible effects. It discourages young progressives in Cabarrus from running for public office. It silences many Democrats because they see no allies. As Dawn Larma, a former chair of the local Democratic Party, once remarked to me: “Many Democrats here are literally in the closet, even though Democrats are almost as numerous as Republicans.

Lawn signs have a double impact. They put candidates…in the public eye. Just as importantly, they tell the whole County that DEMOCRATS ARE HERE AND THERE ARE LOTS OF US!

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