High Bacteria Levels Persist At Some Amherst Swimming Holes

Photo: Pixabay.com. Creative Commons

Source: amherstma.gov

Water test results for Puffers Pond show high bacteria levels on the Mill Street Beach (North Beach).  High bacteria levels were detected at Wentworth Conservation Area (Stanley Street).  Water quality on the State Street (South Beach) was within normal limits.  New water quality tests will take place on Tuesday, July 6th with results posted on Wednesday July 7th.  

Swimmers should avoid swimming on the Mill Street side of Puffers and also avoid swimming at Wenthworth Conservation Area / Stanley Street.  

For more information please visit the Town website and have a look at the water quality test results for each conservation area: www.amherstma.gov

Questions? Concerns?  Call: 413-259-3292

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2 thoughts on “High Bacteria Levels Persist At Some Amherst Swimming Holes

  1. Has there ever been testing upstream of Puffer’s Pond to find the source of the recurring E. Coli presence at Puffer’s each time it rains?

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